Working with partners to make IT easy for customers and profitable for partners.

MaaXcloud Services

The cloud opportunity is huge and complex, MaaXcloud let’s you rock the complexity for your customers, while we get your customers’ cloud IT rolling. We help you accelerate sales, drive profitability and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

  • Setup

    Your team’s time is valuable. Don’t waste it. We’ll get your customers using Cloud IT fast and easy – all your customers’ users, all their devices.

  • Migration

    Your customers’ Cloud IT services needs their data. We’ve got you and your customers covered. Quick and secure data migration is what we do.

  • Training

    We’re cloud productivity experts, and we train your customers’ users on how to get the most from Cloud IT. Did we mention that the better trained your customers’ users are the less support calls you’ll get?

  • Time is Money

    Tools can help, but services require people, process, platforms and tools. MaaXcloud services are complete and sold as SKUs which makes them the perfect complement to your offers. Like Office 365, MaaXcloud services are like the building blocks for a successful practice.

MaaXcloud Solutions

We Deliver Office 365 & Dropbox Expertise as an Extension of Your Business

MaaXcloud offers SKU-based services for Office 365 and Dropbox Setup, Migration & Training, freeing partner teams to focus on selling and building solutions specific to the partner’s customer base.

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