Sit back and relax! MaaXcloud is your one-stop solution for monetizing Dropbox Business

Offer the best sharing and storage solution for your customers together with MaaXcloud Professional Services. MaaXcloud has built a comprehensive suite of services for you to use to add the most value to Dropbox Business, and as the world’s largest repository of files, Dropbox, you, and MaaXcloud make an unstoppable team.

MaaXcloud will migrate, set up and train your customers on getting the most from your Dropbox Business while providing ongoing support and management from MaaXcloud, all with great margins for your business.

MaaXcloud Services For Dropbox

MaaXcloud Onboarding Services to get your Dropbox Business offering up and running fast, easily, and profitably.

  • Setup

    MaaXcloud Setup Services are intended to get your customers’ services activated, installed, and ready to use and provide you with healthy margins too!

  • Migration

    Moving data to the Cloud can be complex. We’ve got you covered. Quick and secure data migration is what we do and MaaXcloud is your partner for profitability.

  • Training

    Learning new technology is a challenge. We get it. We’re your cloud experts, and we will train your customers and their admins on how to get the most from the Dropbox. Did we mention the margins and the fact that when we train your customers they are less likely to call for support?

  • Value Add

    Finding your path to profitability in the cloud is hard enough, ask us about ways that we can help you cross-sell and up-sell as part of our engagements with your customer on your behalf.

Your Customers' Employees’ favorite tool for work

Employees today rely on Dropbox to be more productive across any device or platform. Powerful collaboration features help them work better with colleagues and reduce friction when working with valued partners, vendors, or contractors.

End-to-end management and control

With all your customers’ employees using the same preferred solution, you can finally help your customers keep data in one centralized place — the first step to real management and control of data. Dropbox Business then adds comprehensive audit logs, centralized user and device management, granular access controls, and a robust API to provide comprehensive visibility and control across the enterprise.

Real value for your customers and real profit for you

When customers deploy Dropbox Business, they see vast levels of adoption compared to other services. What does this mean? To start, they gain major security advantages when employees actively use tools that provide IT with proper visibility and control. They also see significant return on investment by eliminating legacy costs and enabling greater productivity and collaboration across business functions.

  • As much storage as needed

    If your customer's team needs more space, you can increase their quota at no additional cost.
  • File and version recovery

    Easily recover deleted files and restore previous file versions.
  • Team folder manager

    Customers get visibility and control over team folders, including sync management.
  • Admin accounts

    Enable account membership managment and control of sharing and security settings.
  • Dropbox Paper

    Empowering teams to create, collaborate, and track progress with the added benefit of admin controls.
  • Link permissions

    Password-protected links or expiration dates to grant temporary access.
  • Admin dashboard

    Enabling customers to monitor team activity, view connected devices, and audit sharing activity.
  • Account transfer tool

    Easily transfer files from one user to another when responsibilities change.
  • Groups

    Enabling groups to easily manage team member access to specific folders.
  • Third-party app integrations

    Extend the power of Dropbox with over 300,000 connected apps.

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